how to setup weblogic-maven-plugin (weblogic 12c)

how to setup weblogic-maven-plugin (weblogic 12c)

cd /home/filiperosset/app/wls12/oracle_common/plugins/maven/com/oracle/maven/oracle-maven-sync/12.1.2/
mvn install:install-file -DpomFile=oracle-maven-sync.12.1.2.pom -Dfile=oracle-maven-sync.12.1.2.jar
mvn -Doracle-maven-sync.oracleHome=/home/filiperosset/app/wls12

#validate if everything is fine

mvn help:describe -DartifactId=weblogic-maven-plugin -Dversion=12.1.2-0-0

more info:

playing with qcow2 kvm images – how I fixed my broken VM today

great, today I had the opportunity to fix a broken KVM box, so let’s take note of some very interesting tips, before go to sleep:

#attempt 1 = wasting time (it wasn’t work, at least for me, kernel 3.15.0-1.fc21.x86_64)

 1007  Jun/11 - 03:53 lsmod  | grep nbd
 1009  Jun/11 - 03:53 modprobe nbd
 1010  Jun/11 - 03:53 lsmod  | grep nbd
 1011  Jun/11 - 03:53 mkdir /mnt/kvm/
 1013  Jun/11 - 03:55 qemu-nbd --connect=/dev/nbd0 /home/filiperosset/VMs/rawhide-i686.qcow2 
 1014  Jun/11 - 03:55 df -H
 1015  Jun/11 - 03:55 fdisk /dev/nbd0 -l
 1016  Jun/11 - 03:56 mkdir /mnt/kvm/
 1017  Jun/11 - 03:56 mount /dev/nbd0p2 /mnt/kvm/
 1018  Jun/11 - 03:56 mount /dev/nbd0p1 /mnt/kvm/
 1020  Jun/11 - 03:56 df -H
 1021  Jun/11 - 03:56 umount /mnt/kvm/
 1022  Jun/11 - 03:56 umount /dev/nbd0
 1023  Jun/11 - 03:57 qemu-nbd --disconnect /dev/nbd0 
 1025  Jun/11 - 03:58 qemu-nbd -c /dev/nbd0 /home/filiperosset/VMs/rawhide-i686.qcow2 
 1026  Jun/11 - 03:58 fdisk /dev/nbd0 -l
 1027  Jun/11 - 03:58 mount /dev/nbd0 /mnt/kvm/
 1028  Jun/11 - 03:58 mount /dev/nbd0p1 /mnt/kvm/
 1029  Jun/11 - 03:58 mount /dev/nbd0p2 /mnt/kvm/

#attempt 2 – let the show begin

 1030  Jun/11 - 03:59 guestfish --rw -a /home/filiperosset/VMs/rawhide-i686.qcow2 
> run
> list-filesystems
#mount a specific partition from qcow2 image (/dev/sda1)
 1006  Jun/11 - 04:05 guestmount -a /home/filiperosset/VMs/rawhide-i686.qcow2 -m /dev/sda1 --rw /mnt/kvm/
 1007  Jun/11 - 04:07 umount /mnt/kvm 
#let libguestfs to detect all mountpoints (-i)
 1009  Jun/11 - 04:07 guestmount -a /home/filiperosset/VMs/rawhide-i686.qcow2 -i --rw /mnt/kvm/
#cd /mnt/kvm/ and all stuff are there
 1010  Jun/11 - 04:13 umount /mnt/kvm
#start the VM again and enjoy! :)

man guestmount
man guestfish


set up the macbook webcam on rawhide

Firmware path on Mac OS:


sudo yum install isight-firmware-tools -y
sudo ift-extract --apple-driver AppleUSBVideoSupport --output-directory=/lib/firmware --output-filename=isight.fw
sudo /lib/udev/ift-load --firmware=/lib/firmware/isight.fw

homebank + sqljet updates and some bug reports

Homebank 4.5.5 updated in rawhide, Fedora 20 and Fedora 19:

sqljet 1.1.10 updated in rawhide, Fedora 20 and Fedora 19:

Four bug reports across some packages used by me:

warnigs while compiling homebank 4.5.5

gstreamer-plugins-ugly broken in rawhide

gstreamer1-plugins-ugly broken in rawhide

vcdimager, vcdimager-libs broken in rawhide

using netflix on Fedora 20

RPMs are downloaded from this link:

yum install wine-silverlight-1.7.10-2.fc20.x86_64.rpm -y
yum install netflix-desktop-0.7.0-7.fc20.noarch.rpm -y

Edit /usr/bin/netflix-desktop comment the line below and add this uncommented line:


Now run netflix-desktop and it did the trick. Remember to disable silverlight auto-updates in browser plugin properties.

And always keep walking (with rawhide)

So, my week with rawhide was very fine, with some kernel updates and also a lot of bugs found (and fixed, for sure!!!)

New reports/reproduced bugs in my rawhide systems:
[Bug 857723] Sqljet-browser crashes at start-up

[Bug 986497] New: sqljet 1.1.7 available, please update
sqljet was fixed by Alexander Kurtakov and also I’m a new maintainer for this package.

[Bug 986494] New: [abrt] bijiben-3.9.3-1.fc20: g_type_check_instance: Process /usr/bin/bijiben was killed by signal 11 (SIGSEGV)
Pierre-Yves Luyten stated that it was just fixed upstream, so it will be fixed in Fedora repositories soon.
Upstream bug:

[Bug 924230] – xorg-x11-drv-intel-2.21.12 is available
I build this version for intel driver and also for intel-gpu-tools and it’s running fine here, so I requested the Fedora maintainer to update it at least on rawhide.

[Bug 969523] ovirt-engine uninstallable due to classpathx-mail removal
These behavior is still reproducible in rawhide, ovirt-engine spec require to replace classpathx-mail to javamail, this last is provided by new jboss-as package. Hope it will be fixed soon.

[Bug 986688] [abrt] xfce4-panel-4.10.1-1.fc20: handle_error: Process /usr/lib64/xfce4/panel/wrapper was killed by signal 5 (SIGTRAP
Not sure about the root cause, it’s an intermittent behavior.

RPMFusion – [Bug 2887] Unable to install 2.1.0-0.3.pre1.fc20 due dependency error
A broken dependency was preventing vlc from being installed, Nicolas Chauvet fixed it very quickly in RPMFusion repositories.

[Bug 988600] [abrt] ODEBUG: assert_init not available (active state 0) object type: timer_list hint: stub_timer+0x0/0x20
A new bug revealed by the latest kernel-3.11.0-0.rc2.git2.1.fc20.x86_64

Also I’m able to run Oracle XE 11g R2, oracle-xe-11.2.0-1.0.x86_64 with no troubles – yeah I prefer postgresql/mysql but it is part of my daily job, so let’s try to break things :)

And always keep walking!!! 😉

One week running Fedora rawhide, my impressions

I’m using Linux/Red Hat/Fedora for a long, long time, so a few days ago I’ve decided that it was time to go ahead and start to use the rawhide to help in some issues about found bugs as soon as we can, to help in testing new software releases and also to learn a lot with new situations envolving performance, stability and systems enhancement. Why not use today all the software that “normal people” will use in ~6 months? :)

So, these are somethings that I did during the past days in Fedora project. I’m running rawhide everyday at home and in my workstation, so I’ve rawhide running at least in 3 different hardwares (HP Proliant + Nvidia, Dell Latitude E6420 and also in a virtual machine box). I’m thinking about to install rawhide also in my old MacBook white, but not sure when. So I’m listing here some bugs that I’ve found during this week:

[Bug 984152] – Assert in systemd-logind: Assertion ‘s->user->slice’ failed at src/login/logind-session.c:463, function session_start_scope(). Aborting.
It’s reproducible in my workstation and as stated by Lennart Poettering, it’s fixed in git and will be fixed in rawhide soon.

[Bug 983033] [abrt] blueman-1.23-6.fc19: org.openobex.Error.InvalidArguments: Invalid path
Also reproducible here, not sure when or how it will be fixed.

[Bug 985986] evolution-3.9.4-1 fails to run in rawhide
This report was awesome,  the bug was fixed very quickly by Matthew Barnes/Milan Crha (evolution developers). A great example how the open source world is fantastic! Thank you guys and also thanks Red Hat to sponsor all these work.

[Bug 984345] – [abrt] BUG: key ffff88022dcf5b70 not in .data! – kernel
Reproduced in my HP Proliant ML110 + Nvidia with kernel-3.11.0-0.rc0.git7.1.fc20.x86_64
When I back home, I’ll test this bug with the newest kernel-3.11.0-0.rc1.git1.1.fc20.x86_64

[Bug 866260] Review Request: juel – Java Unified Expression Language Implementation
I’ve reviewed the specs + srpms to allow this package to be in Fedora soon.

OK, one week with rawhide was awesome and I want to make part of it for a long, long time.

I’m back + updates to my packages on Fedora

Hello world, I’m back! I’ll try to keep all the things updated here, I’ll use this blog to keep track of my daily/weekly activities in Fedora/Java world and other cool IT stuff…

As my first round, past weekend I spent sometime to update some packages that are under my responsability in Fedora repositories. It was an enjoying task, to remember how to deal all steps during a package update process.

These packages are already in rawhide and also in Fedora 19 updates-testing. Feel free to test them and report any issue using

I’d also decided to come back to some Fedora discussions lists that are important to me, like br-users, br-marketing, packaging, xfce, devel, test and java-devel.

It’s so good to feel that I’m part of this community it again, so let’s get started!!! :)